Pictures in Movies

One of the beautiful things in life is that there are always things to be curious about. When I have time I like to track down answers to things that interest me. Right now time is a precious resource, so I’ve been saving questions more frequently than resolving them. Here are some banked questions from today:

I wonder what job title a person has who places photographs in background scenes in movies?

How are childhood and old pictures of main characters acquired or produced? Are they computer generated, or do they find body doubles with prominent features that look like the actors and simply take modern photos that are staged to appear dated? Are real childhood photos of actors ever used?

Is there a particular certification or degree that a prop photo person would get to be qualified, or will graphic studies and experience get you the job?

How long before a film is made are these photos being produced? Will a contract for Matt Damon high school graduation photos hit the market well in advance of a movie coming out, or is it last minute?

How frequently do producers or important movie production people add personal photos of family and friends to movie backgrounds?

Where do the movie prop photos go? Are they stored? Sold? Destroyed? Reused?

Life is full of questions.


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