A Few Random Notes

Different Keyboards 

In this season of life I find myself using four different computer keyboards frequently. Each one is unique. The slight variations in key placement and sizing have caused me to errantly strike keys too often. If I had more time on my hands I would superimpose scaled pictures of the four keyboards on top of each other to reveal the exact differences. I’m curious how much spatial variation must exist to result in mistakes. But right now I do not have time for that project.

My Neighbor, the Drummer

I have a neighbor who is a drummer. We have not met, but he was mentioned to me apologetically by my landlord. So far I’ve only heard him play for about 20 minutes per day, usually in the evening. The sound is somewhat muffled by the walls and distance between us. It’s not loud enough to be distracting. Yet it puzzles me frequently. One of the beats he plays often sounds like a galloping horse. It’s a strange beat, and I’d like to know what kind of music he is hearing. Another beat he plays is a staccato 1, 2, 3, 4 on the snare and kick drum simultaneously, over and over.

The Quarter has Started

My first quarter at Cal Poly started this week. I’m now officially a member of the faculty. Speaking of which, I have work to do . . .


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