2012 Draws to a Close

This year (2012), will likely be the longest year of my life. It contained an extra day for leap year, plus I began the year in the Eastern Time Zone and have since moved to the Pacific Time Zone, adding an extra three hours. That’s going to be tough to beat.

Like most years 2012 had ups and downs. It had many happy times. It offered new sights and experiences. It was the saddest year I’ve experienced. It was the most professionally successful year I’ve had.

I learned something about value this year. I learned that you can pile big things on one side of a scale, then drop a single thing on the other side and outweigh the big things. I learned that if life is a paintbrush happiness is water-based paint, and sadness is oil-based paint.

During 2012 I was reminded over and over how blessed I am.

As a random aside, readers from 148 different countries read my blog in 2012. That’s incredible!

I don’t know what 2013 has in store, but I’m ready for a new year.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you make fond memories this year and grow wiser, may friends and family be near, and may the fiscal cliff be averted.



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2 responses to “2012 Draws to a Close

  1. Chris

    Can your dedicated readership count on your perennial New Year resolution again for 2013? Or will that change now that you’re on the left coast?

    • Oh yes, I’ll be doing my best to stay gym-free in 2013. The weather here is very conducive to year-round running, so that’s a plus. I need to find good running routes; it gets old stopping every block in town.

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