An Effective Sales Pitch

This past week I looked at a lot of grills. I’m limited to a propane set-up due to my deck. Propane grills are not the same as charcoal and wood fired grills, but they do have some advantages, like being fast and clean. I was planning to get a Weber Spirit.

The sales person at the Home Depot didn’t impress me. Home Depot sells a few grill models in their store, but many more online. They only offer free assembly of the in-store models, so when I started asking about the online models the associate tried to deter me. He looked at me and said: “You don’t want to try assembling a grill at home.” I don’t care what you’re selling or trying to convince someone of, using the argument “You don’t want X” is a bad move. It prompts a reaction of defiance in many people–me included.

I stopped by Miner’s Ace Hardware to look at their selection and had a different experience. A sales associate listened to me state why I wanted to buy a Weber Spirit, then asked: “Can I show you a different model and make a case for it? I think I can improve your grilling set up.” I was willing to listen. And he informed me of the merits of the Weber Q series. Here’s the kicker, it has a cast iron grill which can be seasoned, rather than a coated porcelain like the Spirit series. To make things even better, it is cheaper.

The sales associate at Miner’s saved me a little money and sold me (in my opinion) a better grill. I appreciate a sales person that thinks not only of making a sale but also of the well-being of a customer.

Last night I bought thick cut applewood-smoked bacon and grilled it to begin seasoning the cast iron grill. I think I’m going to like this Weber Q 300.


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  1. slm

    Jeff and I are huge Ace fans! The other week Jeff sent me to Ace with a picture of what he needed and said he would also need an adaptor. I was greeted and asked if I needed I help, said yes, handed the picture over and said I also need the adaptor, the greeter walked me to electrical, introduced my situation to the man working in the electrical department. This man then found what I needed and proceeded to explain that there are several different kinds of adaptors I could use and asked what I wanted to use it for. I picked what I thought was the best adaptor and then he asked if I needed a ground for it, because it should have a ground, I said, knowing Jeff, I better have the ground. When Jeff arrived home that evening I showed him everything I bought knowing I could return something if we did not need it, Jeff was highly satisfied with what they sold me. I would have spent hours walking around in Home Depot, frustrated because I never would have had the help I did! To recover this economy depends on customer service and small business’s like Ace!

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