Moving Eve

Today I packed my car full of stuff. Tomorrow morning I embark on my journey to the West Coast. I’m not sure if I’ll write during the trip or not.

Tonight I had one last Penny’s Pizza.

Pennsylvania has been good to me. I will always view the Keystone State fondly. Many things make a state great, but people are a key ingredient. I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends here in PA. I’ve been blessed to meet interesting and inspiring people in Montgomery County and Centre County (and other counties too).

As I head west it is a bittersweet moment. Bitter because I am leaving many people I love behind, I have many good memories and experiences associated with places in Pennsylvania, and I will miss the climate and the plants. Yet it is sweet because I will be starting a job I am excited about, experiencing life on the other side of North America, and learning about a climate and plants that are new to me.

Life is not boring.


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