Thanksgiving 2012

Today was a full day filled with family, food, and relaxation. I have so much for which to be thankful. Today I had many reminders of temporal blessings.

Life is a mix of the sweet and the bitter. When I view the day as a whole–all the thoughts, experiences, and feelings–I am reminded of one of the mysteries of life. The eternal is of the utmost importance, yet the temporal is not meaningless. How much influence should the temporal have on my happiness, joy, and peace?

When I view temporal blessings I find it helpful to identify the deeper and meaningful elements. For instance, I could say a simple “My family is wonderful.” But then I can elaborate. “I appreciate that my family members love and care for each other.” “I appreciate that my family members seek to follow Jesus and bring honor and glory to God in life.” And so on. I find it sad how often I trace things back to a selfish root like “It makes ME feel good/valuable/comfortable/fulfilled.”

Lord, may I love You for who You are and not just Your blessings. May I learn to love others because You love them and not just because they bless me.



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