Packing Stuff, Finding Stuff

As my days in Pennsylvania count down I have begun packing and sorting my possessions. When I moved to State College to begin grad school I hastily packed many things into large boxes and stored them in a shed at my parents home. I also left a large bookcase full of books in the basement. This week I have been getting rid of most of those things. I found a few things that I will hold onto. I purchased two old baseball gloves many years ago at a flea market. I pulled them out of storage today and oiled them. They will travel with me to the West Coast and serve as decorative pieces.

Old baseball gloves.

The gloves were not a surprise; I went looking for them intentionally. One item that did surprise me, however, was my old buck knife. I had forgotten about it. It’s a Schrade Old Timer 70-OT. I got it when I turned 12 and started hunting deer. I was proud of that knife. When I found it today the copper plating had corroded, and the case had dried out badly. I polished the knife, sharpened the blade, and oiled the case.

My old buck knife. Note the spots on the handle where the copper plating is gone.

One particular little piece of memorabilia remains hidden somewhere, and I hope to find it before I leave. It’s a vintage pennant from the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies, a year when the team was called the Whiz Kids because the players were young and good. I’m planning to take it with me to hang in my office if I find it before I go.


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