A Collection of Notes on a Chilly Thursday

  • This week I ordered a hard case for my Schecter C-1 E/A. I suspect you’re not as excited about this as I am. It’s a nice Gator case.
  • I managed to read every Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine I own, a mystery novel, and a collection of short stories. No mention of water spots on a faucet.
  • When I voted on Tuesday I was almost able to keep moving all the way to the voting booth; I barely had to stop. No line. This is in stark contrast to the crazy lines I have dealt with for other elections. It pays to vote in the mid-afternoon.
  • Today I realized that I am reluctant to open an account with a bank that does not offer an application to deposit checks via my phone.
  • Mark 4:34 says: “He [Jesus] did not say anything to them [the crowd] without using a parable. But when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything.” It would be fascinating to hear that teaching and those conversations (with English subtitles). I have so many questions.
  • A copy of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics is headed my direction soon; I am eagerly anticipating it.
  • My job search ended this week. I now have a verbal agreement to begin a position that I am very excited about in early January. I’ll fill in the details soon. . .


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2 responses to “A Collection of Notes on a Chilly Thursday

  1. Bernie

    I like how you mix the ordinary with the epic…seems that you capture the balance and essence of living in one little blog entry. Here’s to the “good life”, now and in the coming days of change and opportunity.

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