Last Moments in Avalon

Today I packed up and left Avalon after spending a glorious long weekend there with family. It was a good weekend to listen, talk, and think. After loading up my car to leave I took one last walk on the beach. The path to the beach leads through a buffer forest and sand dunes.

Walking through the dunes.

When the tide went out it left creatures behind on the sand. This weekend was prime horseshoe crab beaching season. I’ve never seen so many of the armored curiosities before. Thankfully they died a rather scentless death (I’ve been at the beach when other creatures washed up and died en mass and the smell was staggering).

A deceased horseshoe crab.

Another departed horseshoe crab.

I saw clusters of aggregated shells that made me curious. They contained many shells stuck on other shells.

The curious shells.

Seagulls on the beach watched me with concern. Their paranoia was unfounded unless they were hesitant to be photographed. I never noticed how well many seagulls blend into marked sand before.

A bird matching the landscape.

I walked to a pier. Near the pier small birds fished in exhausted waves. I watched them for a moment, then suddenly sprinted toward them. I took this picture on the dead run (I had to straighten and crop it).

Birds by the pier at low tide.

During my walk I saw some people in the distance, but I did not pass anyone in close proximity. In the fall Avalon is quiet and beautiful. I love the slight chill in the air, brightness of the sun, crashing of the waves, and feel of the sand. The beach in the fall is calming to me.


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