Happy Elephant Chai Tea

In the past few months I have refrained from buying tea, electing to drink through my collection and start over. Now that my supply is low I have resumed tea purchasing. Last night I picked up a box of tea on a whim. I was out looking at luggage, determined to buy a new carry on bag (which I found). My wandering led me past a display of tea. One particular brand caught my eye and made me smile. The name: Happy Elephant.

I had never seen Happy Elephant tea before. It is imported from India by Greek Gourmet Ltd. The canister is a very cool silver cylinder.

As I looked at the product it occurred to me that I had never seen Happy Elephant tea before, I might not see it again, and it would be sad to miss this opportunity.

So I purchased a canister of Happy Elephant Chai Tea.

This morning I had my first cup of the new tea. It is quite good. The pachyderm has good reason to be satisfied.



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8 responses to “Happy Elephant Chai Tea

  1. michele handschuh

    Where did you buy Happy Elephant tea?

  2. michele handschuh

    thank you

  3. Cheryl Burnett

    I found some at a Ross store in OK, we have 2 bags left and trying to find more. It is SO good.

  4. Allison

    I just picked some up at Ross last night in Allentown, PA. The tea bag actually leaked its contents into the water (I don’t think the tea bag was sealed properly). It’s a shame because it smells really good :-/

  5. Myrna

    I am hooked on this tea and have been looking for it on line. I only have two tea bags left so if anyone can tell me how to get, I live in Massachutes.

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