Frogs and Plants

After work today I took a few pictures of frogs and plants. I’ve always liked frogs. A frog examined closely is a beautiful thing (preferably not with biology lab intensity, no blades are needed to appreciate a frog).

Aren’t they cool creatures? Look at the colors, textures, and shapes. Extraordinary.

Changing subjects, Hydrangea paniculata has come a long way in the past decade. Many of the new cultivars on the market are excellent. One of these cultivars has a registered name of Pinky Winky®. Its botanical name is Hydrangea paniculata ‘DVPpinky’. The flowers of Pinky Winky are arranged in a panicle, with sterile and fertile flowers. After opening up white, some of the flowers will darken to a pink color. It looks great in the fall.

An aged Pinky Winky inflorescence.

Blackberry lily (formerly called Belamcanda chinensis, now called Iris domestica) is a rather informal plant for the garden. It has small, bright orange flowers that are speckled with darker colors. I think it looks very cheery in the summer. By now all the flowers for this year are gone, leaving seed pods behind. Can you guess where the name blackberry lily comes from?

The seed pods of blackberry lily.

Here’s a picture of a plant with open seed pods. Makes it obvious, doesn’t it?

Blackberry lily seeds.



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2 responses to “Frogs and Plants

  1. Rebecca

    I stepped on a frog when Richard and I were taking a walk the other day. It died.

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