A Sunday Evening Collection of Thoughts

Campaign Frustration

I listened to most of the  major speeches from the Republican and Democratic Conventions because I want to be able to vote intelligently in the upcoming presidential election. During both conventions one image kept coming to my mind as I listened:

You could say I found the conventions to be frustrating.

A Marked Dollar Bill

I received a dollar bill that had writing on it recently. Someone had inscribed:

“Webster, S.D.
Sweet Women”

I am now far more curious about Webster, South  Dakota than I ever was before. Have any of my readers visited Webster? Did you see ducks? Pheasants? What about sweet women?

The MLB Regular Season

Between the AL division races and the NL Wildcard traffic jam, the 2012 MLB regular season has been fun to follow. Over the past two weeks the Phillies went on an improbable winning streak to raise their play-off hopes from the dead, then promptly went into Houston and lost 3 of 4 to the worst team in the league, destroying those new hopes. This has been a tough season. I still love the Phillies, and I most definitely love the Phillies. The play-offs would be better with my team in them–but regardless it’s going to be an excellent October for MLB.


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