The Thomas J. Glover Pocket Ref, 4th Edition

One of the unique graduation gifts I received this summer was a copy of the Thomas J. Glover Pocket Ref, 4th ed (thanks Mark, Nikki, and Anya!). The Pocket Ref is an amazing collection of information. You can:

  • Estimate vehicle speed based upon skid marks on various surfaces under various environmental conditions.
  • Determine the compressive strength of different wood types at various moisture contents.
  • Learn how to give artificial respiration or CPR to small animals.
  • Interpret plastic recycling symbols.
  • Read the Scoville Heat Scale for chili peppers.
  • Identify cloud types based upon shape.
  • Determine the correct names for animals based upon sex and age, as well as the proper term for a group (this requires a bullet list itself)

Did you know that a group of:
– buzzards is called a wake (very fitting)?
– ferrets is called  a fesnyng?
– goldfish is called a troubling?
– penguins is called a rookery?

The Pocket Ref also contains a wealth of scales, conversions, interpretations, and formulas. There are many questions in life–many answers are found in the 800+ pages Mr Glover has compiled.


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