A Few Pictures from Today: Small Things

This afternoon I spent a few moments strolling through a garden, shooting pictures of small things. I used my cheap Mercury Optic macro lens or the macro setting on my Tamron 70-300mm lens. My first subject was a little, shiny fly chilling on a zinnia. It sat there, oblivious or indifferent to my camera looming above it.

A shiny fly on a zinnia.

I found a wasp sitting on a hydrangea leaf. It seemed a bit agitated at being photographed.

A wasp on a hydrangea leaf.

A praying mantis hiding in a Japanese holly caught my eye. I think it smiled for me.

A praying mantis on a Japanese holly.

The same praying mantis shot with a different lens.

A hairstreak butterfly sat peacefully on a hydrangea flower. I cannot tell the different hairstreak butterfly species apart. I like the detail on the antennas and the mix of defined lines and loose edges on the wing coloration.

A hairstreak butterfly on a hydrangea flower.

The redbud leaffolder (Fascista cercerisella) is a fascinating little creature. I’m not fond of it, due to the severe aesthetic damage it can do to a redbud, but it is rather festive in its latter larval stage. With black and white stripes, it looks like a Dr. Seuss creature.

A redbud leaffolder on a Chinese redbud leaf (which it had folded).

A cat walked by, and though it was larger than the subjects I had been photographing, I decided to take a picture. I wonder what happened to the tip of  her left ear? Also, cat eyes are terrifying.

A cat.


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