A Day Spent Driving and Eating and Talking

I’ve been doing some traveling this week. In my last post I mentioned seeing Cincinnati. The following morning (Tuesday) I left Newport, KY and drove to Louisville, KY–where I had lunch with my friends Adam and Leslie, and I got to meet their son Elliott for the first time. It was great to spend some time with them, even if it was limited. I failed to take any pictures in Louisville, so you’ll have to settle for a picture I drew in Paint with the touch pad on my laptop (rapidly).

Lunch in Louisville!

From Louisville I headed to Normal, IL to have dinner with my friends Brian and Gail, and by the time I was leaving Charlotte decided I might be a friend (at least I was less scary, and worthy of a #5 Pat the Bunny flash card and playing catch with a stress ball). In Normal I got a tour of the house, we had dinner, and conversed on a shady and spacious deck. I took one picture in Normal, but it featured no people. So back to Paint.

Dinner in Normal!

The one picture I took in Normal was of the cuitlacoche quesadilla we split at the table. Given my first opportunity to eat corn smut fungus I seized it. I remember studying the pathogen that causes corn smut (Ustilgo maydis) in plant pathology courses–and we talked about its culinary uses–so I was very excited to try it.


My last stop of the day was in Wheaton, IL at the home of my friends Ryan and Sarah. By that time there were no more meals to eat, so I just stayed. We watched some coverage of the Olympics. I’ll have more posts related to Chicago coming soon (with my usual penchant for baseball and plant related content of course).

Olympics in Wheaton!

Things I was reminded of or learned on this day:

  • I have wonderful friends.
  • I forget to take group pictures.
  • Pizza Hut does not serve pizza in the KFC Yum Center in Louisville (that’s not where we ate).
  • If a cornfield reminds you of someone, you’ll be reminded of that person a lot while crossing Illinois (there are a lot of cornfields).
  • Corn smut tastes like a mushroom with a slightly hoppy aftertaste.
  • Sometimes you can drive north of the speed limit and still arrive at a destination after your GPS-estimated time of arrival.
  • Brisk® Fusion makes the worst Arnold Palmer I’ve ever had.

Coming soon: Wrigley Field, Chicago, Morton Arboretum, The Cell, more Chicago, and maybe some Detroit.


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