Another Commercial that Bothers Me

Sometimes I see an ad that bothers me (previous examples: here and here). Ally Bank has been running a commercial lately that has diminished my view of their establishment.

This is a terrible commercial.

The major argument is that machines are poor substitutes for humans. This is debatable. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with ATMs operated by PNC Bank. On numerous occasions I have been able to withdraw cash after normal banking hours thanks to a machine. I value the machine.

It is stupid–or nonsensical–to use a machine for a function it has not been designed for. A blender is not designed to facilitate customer service at a dry cleaning business.

Here is why this really bothers me. Ally Bank claims “No nonsense. Just people sense.”

That commercial was pure nonsense (and you just told me you don’t do that).

I also find it interesting the guy reading the voiceover pronounces “doesn’t” as “dudn’t”. Is that an attempt to appeal to common, hardworking, regular people? It sounds sloppy to me.


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