A Saturday Hike

Today I climbed the Pennsylvania Matterhorn on the Mid State Trail with some friends. It was a beautiful day for a hike.

View 1 from the top of the mountain.

View 2 from the top of the mountain.

I saw some great plants, including American cancer root  (Conophilis americana). I couldn’t identify it on site, I had to return home and look it up. It’s  a strange parasitic plant that does not photosynthesize.

Conophilis americana in Pennsylvania.

We walked out an access road after traversing the trail. Where the access road met the regular road there was a stop sign. A very cool stop sign.

This made me smile.

After the hike we stopped by a swimming hole at Rattlesnake Rock. We did not see any rattlesnakes. According to a sign by the parking lot they were very common at one time, but now are less so. The sign warned visitors not to harm the snakes, saying: “Using common sense and tolerance will result in a better experience for both you and the snake.”

Rattlesnake Rock.

It was a good Saturday.


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