A Few Random Things

Flounder Fillets

This evening I added flounder to my 2012 fish list. I baked two Alaskan wild-caught flounder fillets that I rubbed with butter, salt, and pepper. Just before they were finished I squeezed a lime over them and added a bit more pepper. They were wonderful. To compliment them I heated sliced carrots and chayote squash in a pan with a little butter until they were softened, then spiked the heat and drizzled honey over the vegetables with a little salt and pepper.

The French Open

I have not watched one complete match form the French Open yet. I’ve seen excerpts from some though–including pat of the epic match Djokovic and Tsonga played. That match, and the one played just before it between Federer and Del Potro, showed the importance of a best of five sets format. I wish I had been able to see more of this tournament; preparing to defend a dissertation got in the way. Hopefully I can catch some of the later rounds. . .

Reading Romola

I’ve been reading George Eliot’s Romola in the evenings and early mornings. One of the benefits of not sleeping well is added reading time. Woohoo! I’m just over halfway through the book, and at this point I am very conflicted about how I feel about the writing and the themes. Most times by this point in a book I have a pretty good idea if I like it or not, that is not the case with this one. The verdict is still out.


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