A Few Random Things

Like a Wolf

Today I saw a shirt that reminded me of Genesis 49:27:

“Benjamin is a ravenous wolf;
in the morning he devours the prey,
in the evening he divides the plunder.”

I was briefly tempted, but I did not buy the shirt. Reason reigned.

The Dissertation is Formatted  

Today I received  confirmation from The Graduate School that my dissertation is formatted correctly. Now that the formatting is approved it is just a matter of getting the content approved (which is a bigger step). I currently have my dissertation backed up in multiple locations. I have never been this paranoid about losing a file before. Losing the file now would be devastating, like running a marathon and getting to the finish line only to hear: “Guess what? We forgot to start the timer, so you’re gonna need to run it again. Sorry.”

Buying Paper Towels

I like to have paper towels on hand. I buy them in bulk–always before I run out. I have a very strong preference for non-printed paper towels. I’ll even spend a bit more to avoid decorations. The printing on paper towels reminds me of cheap tattoos. The lines are blurry. The colors are gaudy. They seem trashy.

When it comes to paper towels I do not have brand loyalty. I realized today that in the last seven years I have purchased every brand of non-decorated paper towel my local Wal-Mart and Wegman’s stock.


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