Car-Related Thoughts

Parking Lots With No Indications of Intelligent Design 

What do the people who design parking lots specialize in? Are they most concerned with drainage, maximizing parking space, traffic flow, or creating mazes? Does anyone actually study and specialize in parking lot design? Or are parking lots an afterthought designed out of necessity?

Bumper Stickers

I wonder if cars with bumper stickers are rear-ended more frequently than those without them? They seems to be a hazard, especially cars with stickers containing small fonts.

Hyundai Customer Service

I own a Hyundai and I really like it. My biggest complaint is that every time I take it in to the dealer for routine service I get hounded by customer satisfaction surveys. They seem paranoid that they are not meeting my expectations. I just got my car inspected. I spent more time dealing with satisfaction surveys than I did scheduling, dropping off, and picking up my car.



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