Two Short Things

A Runner Breaking Stereotypes

This afternoon I felt the need to run, so I did. I ended up covering 13.1 miles. It was such a glorious afternoon–there were many people on the trails. I passed a runner that delighted me, for she was the first person in her demographic I have encountered running on the bike trail. I’m not great with estimating ages, but I’d say she was between 65 and 70 years-old. And she was running. Not walking. Not jogging. Running. Like a gazelle with long, graceful strides. I hope that I can run like that when I’m in my 60s.

National Broadcasters

The Phillies played the Nationals in Washington tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. I enjoy seeing the Phillies play in national broadcasts. It is interesting to hear what the broadcasters have to say. Sometimes, though, they miss things. Tonight the Phillies had an offensive explosion in the top of the 9th inning. Carlos Ruiz got a hit during the inning, and Dan Shulman (who I like as an announcer) remarked that the boo-birds were coming out in Washington. What was actually happening was the substantial number of Phillies fans in the crowd were chanting a low guttural “Chooch” (Ruiz’s nickname). That chant happens in most ballparks now. Phillies fans are everywhere (winning teams tend to accumulate fans, except in Tampa Bay).


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