Cleaning Up Old Files

I try to keep my computer clean, so I delete files somewhat compulsively. Every once in a while a folder will survive, normally if it is buried as a sub-folder somewhere. This was the case with an old animation project I was doing many years ago (and several computers ago), which I discovered today. The audio and movie files have been discarded long ago, along with the scripts. All that remains are my sketches of the characters:

Pop Corn, Notorious Nut, P. Tater, Raphael the Guitar-Playing Centipede, and Sid the Drumming Slug.

Pop Corn: The wise and friendly ear of corn who keeps things grounded.
Notorious Nut: A wealthy rapper facing an identity crisis upon learning he is in fact a legume (and not a true nut).
P. Tater: A potato with good intention but terrible follow through.
Raphael the Guitar-Playing Centipded: An outstanding classical and flamenco guitarist. Prone to remarking “So many hands, so few strings.”
Sid the Drumming Slug: Plays the drums with his antennas and rarely speaks.

If nothing else these images made me smile today, for they remind me of life before grad school and scripts full of criminally bad one-liners.


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