Reaching the World

I’ve said before that I know very little about my blog audience. I let my readers stay anonymous to me if they so choose. The only way I’ll know who they are is if they tell me (I’ve been told in person, via email, through posts on other blogs, over the phone, and via comments on the blog itself). Fifty-five days ago WordPress started letting me know the countries from which the page views on my blog originate from. It has been fascinating. In those 55 days I have had readers in 98 countries. Here’s the list (the columns are arranged by quantity of views, right down to my single page view from Qatar):

The list.

Or as a map (the shade of orange indicates quantity of page views, the U.S. dominates):

The map.

Blogging is like putting messages in bottles and tossing them into the ocean. You never know where the words will end up.

*******Edit several hours after original posting*******

I realized I uploaded the wrong map. Here’s the correct one:

The real map . . .


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