Distilling Data and Shortening Stories

I’m putting together a presentation for a department colloquium next week. It is a summary of my doctoral research. As I assembled the presentation I quickly realized I will need to do some major condensing. It is not feasible to discuss the pertinent literature, experimental designs, results, and conclusions of all my work. Right now my 50 minute presentation has 88 slides (and I already cut 17). And this is with no mention of three of my projects.

I’m going to have to forgo some fun graphical elements, like these (I’ve removed some aspects to avoid giving my data away):

There is not time to discuss this.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys, but alas, no time.

If you click on the image below you will see the decline of Fraser fir roots in flooded soil conditions. The first image is prior to flooding, the second after 7 days of submersion, and the third after 14 days of submersion. Also, this is the first animated gif I have ever constructed.


I need to get back to work. . .


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