SINAI: A Pinch of Chaos

One of my favorite albums of all time is Silvertide’s Show and Tell. Silvertide was a band from Philly that had a short existence and only released one full length album. They played guitar-driven rock, fueled by Nick Perri. Walt Lafty provided vocals with soul.

After a long hiatus Nick and Walt have reunited to form a new band called SINAI. Their first album was released on April 1. Of course I ordered it.

The album was released through the Perri Ink. Cartel, the business venture of Nick Perri that includes guitars, motorcycles, music, barbershops, and tattoos. The first printing of the album sold out in 12 hours. I guess there are others who listen to Silvertide fondly like me.

Today the album arrived.

A Pinch of Chaos is like a child with an older sibling who is nearly impossible to follow. Show and Tell was the older brother who earned duel doctorates in comparative literature and neural biology while completing law school, won a Nobel prize for eliminating hunger on two continents, set Olympic records in weigh lifting and ski jumping, looks like a movie star, and has well-behaved pets. The poor younger sibling. Yes, my expectations were high.

After listening to the album a couple of times I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s a good album, but not in the same class as Show and Tell. Interestingly, the lyrical content of A Pinch of Chaos has  matured from that of Show and Tell, but that maturity came at the cost of some of the raw passion of Show and Tell that captured my attention and affection. While some glimmers of Silvertide exist in SINAI, their sound has changed.

I’ll need to let the album age a bit before I form a final verdict. It was definitely worth buying–but it’s staying power is to be determined.



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6 responses to “SINAI: A Pinch of Chaos

  1. Anonymous

    hey can u help me out i cant find the tracklisting anywhere

    • Sure, here it is:
      1. Shake
      2. Straight As An Arrow
      3. We Are More
      4. Can You Hear Me
      5. The American Dream
      6. I Won’t Walk Away From You
      7. The Idea!
      8. Physical
      9. Lookin’ Out For Me
      10. I Won’t Walk Away From You (Acoustic)

  2. haha.. this is great. I loved your description of show n tell as used in the analogy of the older brother. well done.

    let the album grow on you. for the record, it was recorded a full 10 years after show and tell and obviously we all grow and our tastes change. personally, i can tell you with confidence that recording a “follow up” to show n tell was not the plan. we just wrote songs and recorded them.. and had fun doing it.

    appreciate the honesty, and i hope you do indeed keep it in your rotation!



    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting–it made my day =). I’ve been listening to A Pinch of Chaos and it is definitely growing on me. I hope there are more albums to follow.

  3. i cant find it the album anywhere

  4. did nick perri actually reply that is awesome

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