A Half Marathon to Start April

I enjoy running, but I do not follow a regular running program. I do not consider myself a serious runner. Over the past few years my normal routes have been 2-5 miles in length. Recently I have been wandering into the 7-10 miles range. From time to time I have wondered what kind of pace I could sustain over a half marathon (13.1 miles). This afternoon seemed like a good time to run it.

In State College it is probable a run of any distance will involve ascents and descents. My route was no exception. I ran over to the Tofttrees Resort and followed a trail in the woods to the overlook above 322/99. Then I came back and circled a stretch of the bike trail to round off the mileage. I used the MapMyRun application on my phone to track the run via GPS. It looked like this:

I ran 13.11 miles. My time was 1:38:09, which translates into a 7:29 minutes/mile pace. I was aiming for something under 8 minutes, so that happened.

In hindsight I probably didn’t prepare very well for a half marathon today. I ate a banana with tea for breakfast and a banana with water for lunch. Despite this I felt pretty good.

And now I know what pace I can run 13.1 miles at. I suspect I should be able to improve on this pace with more frequent runs of this length and eating a bit more before hitting the trail.


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