Pringles: French Onion Dip

In my most recent Pringles flavor update last fall (see post here) I mentioned I might be retiring from Pringles flavor ratings. The moment of truth came this winter when I walked past a display that contained a new flavor. I stopped. It was then that I gained some empathy for Brett Favre. I couldn’t walk away from the game. I bought the Pringles.

And I was rewarded with a new flavor that earned an A on my list. French Onion Dip. 

The initial flavor of the crisp is somewhat similar to Sour Cream & Onion, though the cream is a bit more subtle and the onion more pronounced. The aftertaste has those same characteristics, but the onion has a hint of sweetness to it. I’ve had French onion dip that tasted very similar to these crisps, so they got the name right. I paired these crisps with a turkey sandwich with good results. In fact, I liked them enough to pick up a second can a few weeks later. That is the true stamp of approval from a consumer.

If you like sour cream and onion flavoring or French onion dip you should try these new Pringles. If the flavor does nothing for you,  you still might be amused by the can artwork depicting two crisps relaxing at a Parisian cafe. It’s a win win situation.


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