A Smart Little Girl

In the apartment complex I live in there are several kids that I see at play frequently. They get into all sorts of good natured mischief. Tonight as I walked to my mailbox I saw that one of them–a  little boy–had barricaded the door to the laundry room with his body, preventing the others from entering. One of the little girls threatened him (If you don’t open that door I’m telling your dad!) The threat didn’t work. Then she said: “I’m counting down from ten, and then I’m opening this door! Ten, nine, eight . . .”  And on eight she suddenly twisted the doorknob and threw her full weight against the door. The little boy on the other side had been waiting until further in the countdown to fully brace himself, so he was not prepared for the assault. He was knocked to the ground. He complained loudly from a crumpled heap, his body and pride hurting.

I had to suppress a laugh when I saw this.

I wonder if the little girl has used that tactic before? It was effective.


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