Wild Salmon!

Last week I picked up a few wild caught salmon fillets. Tonight I added salmon to my list of 2012 fish. I baked a fillet, then squeezed lemon juice over it and added a dash of pepper. I had some broccoli florets, so I boiled them briefly and seasoned them with a touch of salt. I tossed some carrots in a frying pan with a little butter, salt, and pepper. Then after they had softened a bit, I added some honey. Honey glaze is a beautiful thing.

Fish, florets, and roots. Sounds like dinner.

Salmon moves right to the number one spot on my fish hierarchy, though it has to share the ranking with haddock. I’ll need a larger sample size before I can decide which one of them I like better.

I’m busy right now with writing, analyzing, and thinking about running a short experiment this spring.


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