Dropping Things: Two Lessons Learned

I do not tend to be a clumsy person, yet I have had two experiences recently in which I dropped something. In each case I learned something. I will now pass those two lessons on to you.

Drop I: Laundry Detergent

The Scene: I am carrying a basket full of dirty laundry with a bottle of detergent resting on top. The laundry is rather mounded. As I set the basket down in the laundry room the detergent shifts, falling cap first to the ground. The force of hitting the ground shatters the cap. I grab the bottle before it comes to a rest, rotating it so the detergent is not spilled.

So I’m left holding a nearly full bottle of detergent with no cap. What now? And then I remember that I have an empty bottle of the same design in my recycling stash, for I always buy the same detergent. Problem solved.

Lesson Learned: Using the same laundry detergent regularly, down to the bottle design, has its benefits (particularly if you don’t empty your recycling container too often).

Drop II: The Cheesesteak

The Scene: I am carrying five bags of groceries and a bag containing a cheesesteak and cheese fries into my apartment. I arrive in my living room without incident. Suddenly the side of the bag containing the  cheesesteak tears, releasing the steak. As it falls I let go of the torn bag, letting it fall to the ground, and grab the steak. I seize a corner of the paper the steak is wrapped in, causing it to unwrap rapidly, expelling the steak upside down onto my living room floor while I hold a piece of butcher paper like a forlorn matador.

So I did the only sensible thing. I picked up the steak and ate it. My living room still smells like fried onions and cheese; I need to clean the carpet.

Lesson Learned: If you drop a wrapped cheesesteak just let it fall. Attempting to catch it will only make things worse.


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