A Few Plant Pictures

Things have been hectic. I’ve been analyzing data, researching, and writing. This afternoon I took a few pictures of plants that were residing near my department building.

Right in front of the Tyson Building we have a very cool herbaceous plant that is flowering right now. I know it is a hellebore, but I’m not sure about the species. I suspect it is a hybrid, Heleborus x hybridus. Regardless, it is a very interesting flower. You can see the pistils and stamens clearly, and the detail on the petals is just exquisite.

A hellebore flower.

Another cold season bloomer in the area is winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum. At first glance it might look like forsythia, but closer examination reveals it is most certainly not. I feel bad for the scentless jasmines–which include winter jasmine–because the scented jasmines overshadow them. Being a scentless jasmine is like being a Manning that’s not a quarterback.

Winter jasmine in the winter.

The fruit of blue holly (Ilex meserveae) is a drupe. Most cultivars have bright red drupes, which are impressive in the winter and early spring.

Blue holly fruit up close.

I saw a sad sight this afternoon while walking across campus:

The old elm is gone.

One of the old American elms (Ulmus americana) beside Old Main is now gone. A worker was scooping up  the remnants of the stump, which had been ground up. Elm yellows strikes again.


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