A Few Scattered Thoughts

An Interesting Sign

I frequently walk by a sign on campus that causes me to wonder. A sticker obscures a word on the sign. What is that word? What else is exiting the building with pedestrians?

My theory is that the word is CARS. The path where this sign is posted runs right by the doors of a building (hence the exiting pedestrians) and it also happens to be open to motorized vehicles too. I think two distinct hazards are being identified and only one of them is exiting the building. One day I might scrape off the sticker and confirm this. The sticker has been there for a long time. Long enough that I suspect it might have been replaced numerous times to remain looking so good. Either that or it is a high quality, all-weather name tag.

Cookie Crisp for Spring Break

I like cold cereal. I have no qualms about eating cereal at any time of the day. The vast majority of the cereal I eat falls into the category that 8 year-old me would call boring. Lots of grains and brans. Not because I dislike sugary cereals, but because the other cereals have more staying power and I try to eat somewhat responsibly. This week I decided to celebrate spring break by picking up a cereal that 8 year-old me would approve of, Cookie Crisp. Cookies, the breakfast of champions.

Getting an Article fromk ILLiad™

I’ve used the interlibrary loan service ILLiad™ several times. I am very impressed at the speed and quality of their service. Today a PDF of an old and obscure article about root color I requested arrived for my perusal. All within 48 hours of my request.

The Mild Weather

I like cold weather in December, January, and February. By the time March arrives I’m ready for spring. This year it feels like winter missed us in State College. Despite the lack of arctic chill and snow I’m  ready for warmth. The past few days have been great. The extended forecast is calling for more days with highs/lows around  60°/40°. The door has closed on winter–snow is no longer welcome.


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