Running Shoes: Reebok Premier Zigfly

Last fall I picked up a pair of Reebok Premier Zigfly running shoes. They are lightweight and use Reebok’s ZigNano cushioning technology. I’ve now been running in them for several months, so I thought I’d post a few thoughts on this shoe design.

My Reebok Premier Zigfly running shoes.

Fit. The shoe is sleek and light. It provides an excellent fit that is snug and stable. I’ve found it to be very comfortable.

Performance. I’m impressed by the shock absorption and responsiveness of the shoe. Of all the running shoes I have used, this is my favorite.

Notes. I’ve seen this show called an indoor or road shoe, and I think that is probably a good qualifier to make. Cold weather running is not fun due to all the open mesh on the upper part of the shoe. Any time the temperature falls below 30° F I do not use these shoes because my feet get numb. Also, on unpaved surfaces the shoes will pick up small stones (and sometimes on paved surfaces too, I’ve had trouble with stones while road running). Depending on how the stones are situated they might put pressure on your foot or make an annoying clicking sound with every stride.

Stone hitch hikers.

Stones and cold weather aside, I really like my Reebok Premier Zigfly running shoes. If you run on paved or smooth surfaces in temperatures above freezing I recommend them.


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