Iridescent Shark for Dinner

Last week I mentioned that I picked up swai fillets (see post here), which could also be called iridescent shark fillets. I’ve tried several different methods of frying and baking these fillets with good results. Tonight I repeated one of my favorites.

I started out by making a base. I cooked long grain white rice in a chicken broth and water mixture. While this was happening I briefly fried peas and chopped carrots in olive oil, then added the rice when it was ready and threw in a bit of soy sauce.

As a vegetable side I chopped up a chayote squash and fried it in butter with some salt and pepper. Then I turned up the heat and added in some pureed ginger. Wonderful. The squash was left over from a horticultural systematic lab last week, so hooray for edible lab materials once again.

Chayote squash after chopping.

Chayote squash after frying and ginger-izing.

The main course was the aforementioned iridescent shark.

An iridescent shark fillet before chopping.

Moments later.

I fried the fish in a dash of olive oil. When it was cooked through I added some hoisin sauce left it sizzle for a few minutes.

The iridescent shark coated in hoisin sauce.

So the finished product looked like this (I’m afraid the quality of this picture does not hold up when it is enlarged. I think I was less than steady when I took the picture with my phone):

Dinner is served.

I like this entrée. In fact, I like it enough that I made it for the first time on Saturday and then remade it again tonight. I am now prepared to say–with no reservation or coercion–I like fish.


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