State Patty’s Day 2012

Today is the annual State College non-holiday State Patty’s Day. While some would argue that there is some merit to its observation, it is really just a day dedicated to irresponsible drinking.  People from far and wide come to State College. It’s bad enough that Penn State has made the decision to refrain from bringing potential students to University Park for tours on this weekend.

State College and University Park decided to enforce parking policies that were more strict and expensive than usual to cut down on drinkers leaving their cars in municipal and university lots and garages. This meant many drivers were seeking alternative parking. Many of them ended up in commercial parking lots on Friday night (presumably intending to leave their cars there overnight). I’m not sure how commercial parking lots that forbid overnight parking, like major grocery stores or department stores, are normally policed. If a car is left in a lot for a weekend, how is it caught?  It seems very labor intensive to scan security camera footage or go car to car and track license plate numbers.

But then something happened last night that changed everything. It snowed in State College. Saturday morning every car covered in snow was revealed as an overnight guest.

And the tow trucks had a field day. I stopped by the Wal-Mart on Atherton this morning and there were busy tow trucks all over the parking lot.

When I got out of my car I noticed a group of guys walking from the bus stop to the parking lot. One of them loudly exclaimed: “Dude, your car is gone! They towed your copulating car!”  (Okay, so they didn’t exactly say copulating.) I looked around and I realized there were people all over the parking lot making the same discovery. Evidently the bus that had just unloaded had been full of people returning from a night of partying. Many of them now were facing the reality that their cars had either been raptured, stolen, or towed.

Sometimes snow covers things. Sometimes snow exposes things.

I suspect the storm last night made today one of the most profitable days in the history of John Tennis Towing, Inc. Happy State Patty’s Day.


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