Weighing Chipotle Burritos

This afternoon I stopped by Chipotle, giving me an opportunity to weigh another burrito (557.9 g). That makes a total of five Chipotle burritos that I have weighed. Here are the numbers:

Presented graphically:
Based upon these data the mean weight of a Chipotle burrito is 596.2 grams (1.32 lbs).

So now if you hear the question “How much does a Chipotle burrito weigh?” you’ll have an answer.



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2 responses to “Weighing Chipotle Burritos

  1. kateintheshade

    1) I’m totally getting barbacoa next time (heavier).
    2) Did yesterday support your hypothesis that the weight of your burrito is directly related to the number of customers there?

    • 1. I’m curious if the difference between chicken and barbacoa would hold up over more replication. I’m also curious how beef would place. It appears more burrito weighing is in my future.
      2. There were ~14 customers in the establishment, so that fits pretty well.

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