I Feel What?

I’ve been thinking about feelings and beliefs recently. It bothers me that the things that stir up the sharpest feeling in me are temporal. They are good things, mostly. Yet something is wrong with the equation. Why is it that I can believe a truth–be completely convinced mentally it is true–yet fail to align how I feel?

I’ve been thinking about this.

I think this inconsistency with feeling occurs because I have desires for temporal things I am not guaranteed to receive. I know the outcome is in doubt and I am unsettled in my soul. These temporal things are not bad, they are wonderful blessings, but making them my source of fulfillment or happiness is bad.

So how do I desire temporal things in a healthy fashion? How do I hold those things loosely?

I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling some pain and suffering is part of a healthy life. At times we are confronted with the fact that this world is broken. On the eternal level we can be reconciled to God and healed, which allows us the luxury of having a promise we can hold onto with certainty–that is wonderful. On the temporal level, however, we do not get the promise of fulfillment or healing. And that is the tension. We can desire good things and not get them.

I don’t think the goal is apathy. I think it should hurt.

My question in response to this is: How do I keep eternal perspective while facing temporal brokenness?


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