An Assortment of Things

The Australian Open

I have not watched as much of the Australian Open as I would have liked to. I’ve seen random matches and pieces of matches (I’m watching Sharapova vs Makorova as I type this). The semifinal between Federer and Nadal should be very good. I’m hoping Fed wins it all. In the women’s draw I’m pulling for Sharapova.

The Australian Open usually causes me to experience tennis withdrawal, for it is in January when I haven’t been on a tennis court recently. But 2011 was strange. I did not play one match in 2011 (which is shocking to me, I don’t know how that happened). I hit the ball around once, but that was my only time on a court all year. So that means my tennis withdrawal symptoms have been around so long I am growing numb to them.

Public Compared to Private

I’m amused by differences in demeanor or function that occur between public settings and private settings. This past week I’ve had a pretty stark difference between those areas. It makes me wonder if this is a healthy way of dealing with a painful situation. The combination of stark honesty in private coupled with summoning up composure and perspective in public seems to be a good thing. Being around other people helps to divert my attention from myself, reminds me of good friendships and blessings, and alerts me to the suffering and difficulties of others. In solitude I am able to eliminate distractions and fully process where I’m at. (Of course I write this in a public setting, so by my own admission I am presenting myself as more composed than I really am.)

Another Stats Consult

I had another consult with a statistician to talk about data analysis. I now have a test for my survival data that I need to explore in SAS. I’m hoping that code comes together tomorrow. When I start using a new test in SAS there is usually a slow uptake on my part. Real life data is never as simple to analyze as textbook examples.

Building a Website

I’ve been building a website for myself that will contain descriptions of my research,a  CV, and some other information. I’ve registered my domain and put some pages together. My goal is to open the site by the end of the month. I’ll write a post about it on this blog when it launches.


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