From Tilapia to Whiting

Last week I started my initiative to develop an appreciation for seafood (or at least fish). Since then I have made three entrees with tilapia, which I can say I legitimately enjoyed. I decided to try whiting this week.

Today I dusted two whiting fillets with salt, pepper, and flour then pan fried them in olive oil. I had planned to coat the fillets with an orange-honey-pepper glaze, but they began to fall apart as they cooked. So I embraced the entropy and broke the fillets into pieces and coated the pieces in the glaze. It was quite good.

The first whiting entree.

In truth the deck was stacked in favor of the whiting, for I haven’t eaten a full meal since dinner on Monday (my appetite has been a bit lacking). But whiting is off to a promising start. I might try baking it next time to see if I can keep the fillets in  one piece.

At this rate I’ll be eating shellfish and sushi by the end of the year.


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