Kalorik Cordless Electric Kettle

In early November I got a variable temperature Kalorik electric kettle (model: JK-28435). My decision to purchase the variable temperature kettle came about through a sequence of events. Here is the trail:

Exhibit 1: I felt a degree of discontent with leaving a saucepan on my stove top for boiling water. I also had instances when I wanted to boil water but had no burner available (my stove top has two working burners and two striking burners). I need an electric kettle.

Exhibit 2: I saw a variable temperature electric kettle that really impressed me. The only downside was the price. I need a variable temperature electric kettle.

Exhibit 3: I had a white tea that tasted far better than the white tea I brewed myself, leading me to conclude that I was brewing it at too high of a temperature. Ok, I really need a variable temperature electric kettle.

Exhibit 4: I found the Kalorik variable temperature kettle, which was affordable and had enough positive customer reviews to garner some enthusiasm. I’m buying a variable temperature electric kettle.

And so I bought it.

The Kalorik

After a couple of months of use I have decided I like it. The interior where the water is held is all stainless steel, no plastic or rubber. It is quick to heat up, and so far the water temperature has been quite accurate. Best of all my green tea and white tea has drastically improved.

If you’re looking for a varibale temperature electric kettle for around $50, this one is a great choice.


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