Pizza Hut Struggles to Understand the Word “Any”

I got a flyer in the mail this week. One side contained a large Pizza Hut ad.

The ad I received this week.

In two places the ad declares that a pizza with any crust you choose will cost $10. My first thought at seeing this ad from a distance was: I’m surprised they charge the same price for a regular crust pizza and a stuffed crust pizza. So I looked closer. Sure enough, the disclaimer is repeated twice, excluding stuffed crust pizzas from the deal.

Stuffed crust not included.

This made me wonder how many types of crust Pizza Hut offers. I looked it up. They have four options: Hand-Tossed Style, Pan Pizza, Stuffed Crust, and Thin ‘N Crispy®. That means instead of having the choice of any crust for $10, you are able to choose from 75% of the crusts they offer for that price.

This might seem like a minor issue that has no value, but it is the sort of advertising that really bothers me. Writing an ad that suggests a promotion is all-inclusive when it only applies to 75%, then slipping in a micro-font disclaimer, is a violation of common sense and ethics.

I will not purchase anything from Pizza Hut in 2012 . (Hey, it’s a New Year’s resolution!)


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