2011 Draws to a Close

On this final morning of 2011 I’ve been thinking about the past year. Like most years it has contained ups and downs. Initially it is the peak or nadir that is most vivid. Yet upon consideration some of the finest moments–ones to savor–fall in the times in between. I have some wonderful memories from this year.

December 31 is a good time to think about resolutions, though I do not recall ever making a serious New Year’s resolution [1]. My standard is this: “I will not set foot in a gym during the coming year.” Once again I nailed it. No gym for me in 2011. This year I do not have a resolution to add for 2012, so I guess I’ll renew my pledge.

Enjoy the last moments of 2011, and I wish you all the best in 2012. Every indication is that it will be a busy and eventful year for me. I’m looking forward to it.

[1] I am not opposed to resolutions, though I do not tend to make them based on the calendar year. I make resolutions tied to seasons of life, academic years, and forecasted timelines. 


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