Out of Touch with Pennies

This week I found a penny in a parking lot. I picked it up. Not content to simply pocket the coin, I felt compelled to inspect it. It did not pass inspection.

I think this is a counterfeit penny! Why would anyone bother to counterfeit a penny? Was the penny redesigned? Did I miss a redesign of the penny?

The penny failed to meet my standards of authenticity because it lacked the Lincoln Monument on the back. Instead of the familiar structure it had a cheap-looking seal and the words “One Cent” printed on it. The date stamp said 2010.

So I went home and researched penny designs. To my surprise a penny redesign occurred in 2010 (and not only in 2010, an extensive 2009 Lincoln-themed design happened too). For a moment I thought I might be living in an alternate reality. How did I never hear about this?

It is evident I am not current on currency.

For the record, my hierarchy of penny designs goes: 1). Lincoln Memorial, 2). Wheat, 3). The new seal.


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