The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

I’ve been spending Thanksgiving with some of Sarah’s family. Tonight we saw the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall. They played some Beethoven, a few waltzes, and other pieces.

Before the concert.

Heinz Hall is impressive. Everything is impressive. There are columns. Ornate woodwork abounds. The bathrooms are called lounges. It amused me to note that the exit signs used an atypical font, they certainly couldn’t be regular exit signs.

A fancy font exit sign.

The concert was very good. I was very surprised that the conductor worked the crowd at times, even going so far as telling jokes between songs. There were also a few comical sketches that took place, including in all likelihood the only time in my life that I will witness a person wearing long coattails sit in a beach chair. Also included, a man carrying a six-pack in a violin case and someone playing an anvil as a percussion instrument.

I enjoyed the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, they are definitely worth seeing.


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  1. Jon

    I will have hear more about this some time.

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