A Sad Time in Happy Valley

We would like to believe that our heroes are infallible. We would like to believe that the people we admire always make the right decisions, are full of courage, and have strong moral fabric. We would like to believe that evil is far, far away from where we live.

And then something happens that makes us face the harsh realities of life.

State College is reeling right now.

It’s difficult to to know how to feel. At this point there are only allegations, though considering the evidence I find it impossible to believe Sandusky is innocent. My heart breaks for the victims. I feel a mix of shock and anger at the cover up that occurred. It will take time, and more investigation and testimony, to understand just what happened here.

My route to campus takes me past Coach Paterno’s home and the driveway of President Spanier’s home. Last night reporters and students were gathered at the Paterno home, with two police officers watching over things. Today I saw more people and many more police officers. The street has been closed. Both yesterday and today I saw a police officer at the end of President Spanier’s driveway.

Right now I am not ashamed to be affiliated with Penn State University. The university must be humble, admit fault, and seek to identify the truth. This is not a time to be proud, protective, or defiant.


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