Two Things I Thought About Today

1. If someone nearby is having a loud conversation on a phone that you cannot help but hear, is it better if it is in a language you understand or a language you do not understand?

I decided that the sound of the voice is more important than the language being spoken. One of my neighbors is developing the habit of having long, loud phone conversations on a daily basis. He speaks a language I do not understand. I’ve noticed that the rhythm and pitch of his voice becomes extremely annoying over time. I’d like to know how loud he is speaking, because it sounds like he is sitting in my living room.

This makes me wonder why the rhythm and tone of this language as background noise bothers me, while other languages I do not know do not bother me at all. I suspect a linguist could explain this.

Music and other sounds are the same way. Some quickly become bothersome, while others are innocuous. At times I’ve had neighbors who have played music loudly (techno, pop, classical, rap, country) and the experience varied greatly by genre.

2. Why does WordPress never show advertisements on my blog when I am viewing it as the author?

When I look at this blog on my computer there are never any ads on it. When I have viewed it from other computers or my phone there are frequently ads. WordPress sells ad-free service for $30 a year, so I could upgrade and remove the ads. Yet this is far from my mind since I never see the ads. I’m curious why WordPress does this? If I saw the ads frequently (or even occasionally) I would be more likely to upgrade.



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2 responses to “Two Things I Thought About Today

  1. Matt

    Do you have an “ad block” plug-in on your pc browser? I never see ads on your blog. I never even knew there were ads until just now. I have AdBlock Plus installed.

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