A Random Post to Start November

Corn Starch is Cool

I made General Tso’s chicken last week, and I found the frying process fascinating. The slurry of corn starch, soy sauce, and egg was fun to play with. I also learned a valuable lesson, low sodium soy sauce is essential, my finished product was a sodium bomb. I had extra batter left, which I used to fry mushrooms. I will do more breading and frying, of this I am certain.

Fortune Cookie Typesetters

If I was a fortune cookie typesetter I would be really tempted to incorporate a random “Will You Marry Me?” from time to time. Just think of the possibilities.

Children Wondering

My apartment complex sent out a notice to all residents, cautioning us to drive slowly because children were wondering in the parking lot. But were they wandering while wondering?

My Favorite Commercial Right Now

Hot Cider

Before this fall I had only had hot cider a few times, none of which were memorable. Then I had a three day stretch (this past Saturday-Sunday-Monday) in which I had hot cider each day, and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. I think hot cider will become a part of my usual late fall and winter plans. I’m thinking Cruzan 9 might be a perfect match.



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2 responses to “A Random Post to Start November

  1. kateintheshade

    Your fortune cookie idea made me chuckle. Such a hilarious/bad idea.

  2. Anonymous

    I am a firm believer in fortune cookie messages. The week before I met Gary I got a fortun[ate] message that read…”an unexpected relationship will turn permanent.” I have framed that little, but oh so prophetic scrap of paper! It still makes me smile with happiness!

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