Disposing of Financial Documents

When I discard mail I compulsively rip it into pieces. It might be a credit card offer, a catalog, a newsletter, or a promotional flyer, regardless it gets ripped into pieces. When I have letters to discard that contain information that might lead to identity theft I have a normal routine I follow (take note anyone who wishes to steal my identity).

First I divide the pertinent information into two halves by tearing the documents.

Half A is then torn into small pieces, with some of the pertinent pieces being rolled between the fingers to separate the fibers and destroy them. The pieces are placed in my desk-side trash can.

Half B is torn into small pieces, then sits in a holding area until I prepare chicken or beef for a meal. Then I place those pieces of paper in the meat packaging, along with the fat and meat scraps I have trimmed off , and throw it directly into the dumpster.

So if you wish to steal discarded sensitive documents from me, know that they will be placed in the dumpster in two halves (the halves are usually placed in the dumpster at least two weeks apart from each other). One of those halves will likely be in meat scraps. And several of the key pieces will be reduced to crushed fibers.

If anyone manages to steal my identity based upon a letter I discard I will not press charges. No, I will offer congratulations and my admiration.


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