Catching Up on Pringles Ratings

I’ve fallen behind in my Pringles ratings; tonight I added six flavors to my list (see the updated master list: Pringles Ratings). At the risk of disappointing you all, I must admit that my appreciation of Pringles has diminished considerably since starting this taste ranking endeavor. My taste has gravitated toward kettle chips.

All this to say that I am considering retiring from Pringles ranking. One of the telling signs happened a few weeks ago when I noticed the three new Cheese Ummz flavors for sale and my first thought was oh no, now I have to try these. That is  telling. Maybe I’ll let the list hit 50 flavors and end there? Who knows. I cannot deny that I still feel a compulsion to try new Pringles flavors (even if there is a sense of dread accompanying it).

The flavors I added tonight reminded me that I really like sour cream on chips (both Sour Cream & Onion Multi Grain and Cheddar & Sour Cream managed to earn an A).

The flavors I added to my ratings tonight.


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