Coupon Valid Dates

I don’t use coupons very often. The most frequent type of coupon that I use is a department store coupons offering a percentage off a total purchase. Most times I use these coupons to purchase clothing or accessories. Normally when I use a coupon it is to buy an item I have previously determined to purchase. The coupon moves the plan into action.

One department store that I visit on occasion is Kohl’s [1]. I am on their mailing list. I get coupons. The coupons have valid dates. Those dates promoted this post.

Two times this year I have been actively preparing to buy an item, with a deadline in mind, and I have received coupons from Kohl’s that were not valid when I received them. In both of these cases there were items I would have purchased the day I got the coupon in the mail if it were valid. But it only went into effect the following week. And my deadline for my purchase was the current weekend. In both cases I used another retailer.

Impulse and sudden purchases are an important part of retail sales. It seems odd to me that a store sends out coupons that prohibit immediate action. I realize that coupons can’t be active all the time, and there is the dilemma of timing the mail delivery, but shouldn’t there be a solution to this?

[1] Kohl’s has been regulated from my dominant source of clothing to a minor provider due to sizing issues. They do not stock most pants in my size (in store or online), they seem to be reluctant to stock shirts in fitted cuts or tall sizes, and they stock a disproportionate number of pleated pants compared to flat front. They have forgotten the plain, tall, thin people.


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